Terms and Conditions


Quarter Price Auction(QPA) is an Online Auction

  1. Bidding Process:

    • The highest online bid at the close of bidding secures the winning bid for the item.
    • By placing a bid, you acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions outlined by QPA.
    • Bidding within the last 2 minutes before an item's closing time triggers a 2-minute extension. Be prepared to bid accordingly.
  2. Inspections:

    • Buyers are responsible for inspecting items.
    • Contact a QPA representative for inspection options before placing a bid.
    • Upon purchase, the buyer explicitly accepts the item "as-is."
  3. Item Pick-up:

    • All items must be picked up within 10 days from the auction date at: 4800 Van Epps Rd, #103, Brooklyn Hts, OH 44131.
    • Lots not picked up within 10 days are considered abandoned and will be resold in subsequent auctions with no refunds issued.
    • If additional time is needed, items can be held for an extra 4 days upon receiving your email request.
  4. Contact Information:

By participating in the Quarter Price Auction, you are bound by these terms and conditions.

Lot Conditions

  1. New:

    • Definition: Items that appear to be in a new condition or have no signs of use.
    • Expectation: Buyers can expect to receive items that are in pristine, unused condition.
  2. Like New:

    • Definition: Items in like-new condition, but the package is not sealed, and there might be slight signs of use.
    • Expectation: Items are in excellent condition, almost like new, but buyers should be aware that the packaging is open, and there might be minor indications of use.
  3. Used:

    • Definition: Items have signs of use. If possible, items will have secondary photos to show usage.
    • Expectation: Buyers should anticipate visible wear and signs of previous use. The inclusion of secondary photos provides additional insight into the extent of usage.
  4. Damaged:

    • Definition: New or used items that have noticeable damage, with pictures of the damage provided.
    • Expectation: Items have clear, visible damage, and buyers can assess the severity through the provided pictures. This notation ensures transparency regarding the condition.
  5. Other:

    • Definition: Items that might have missing parts, hardware, used, damaged, etc.
    • Expectation: Buyers should be aware that these items may be incomplete, used, damaged or lacking certain parts or hardware. The specific details of what is missing or damaged are not specified, so careful review is necessary.

The condition notations provide a comprehensive overview, and it is emphasized that bidders should take the responsibility to familiarize themselves with both the written and visual information before making a bid.

This approach promotes transparency and helps potential buyers make informed decisions based on the condition of the items.

Return Policy

Our policy states that all sales are final, and all items are sold "as-is." Returns are only accepted under the following circumstances:

  1. Mismatch with Description:

    • Only items in "New" or "Like New" condition are eligible for returns if they do not match the listed description.
    • The lot must be returned within 14 days from the auction date to qualify for a full refund/account credit.
  2. Non-Refundable Conditions:

    • No refunds are offered for items with the listed conditions of "Used," "Damaged," or "Other."

We encourage buyers to carefully review item descriptions before purchasing, as our standard policy is to consider all sales final. The exception for returns is solely applicable to items in "New" or "Like New" condition that do not align with the provided description.

Auctioneer’s Discretion The item description and retail price on the website are provided to the best of our knowledge and understanding. However, it is possible that inaccuracies or errors may be present.

Auction Software

Quarter Price Auction (QPA) hereby declares that it shall not be held liable for any discrepancies or malfunctions related to software.

QPA account

All prospective bidders are required to register and maintain good standing with QPA to participate in the bidding process for items listed in online auctions.

QPA reserves the right to remove a bidder who fails to comply with the established terms and conditions.

QPA account suspension

All participants are required to possess a valid payment method. Failure of payment for more than three invoices or a cumulative total of $500 will result in the suspension of the user's account.

Starting bid

Starting bid for all items is $1. 

Buyer’s Premium A buyer's premium of 14% will be added to all winning bids, constituting the total purchase price, exclusive of any relevant sales taxes. Additionally, a Listing Fee of $1 applies to all lots.


All purchases are subject to Cuyahoga County sales tax of 8%.

Invoicing An invoice containing payment instructions will be dispatched to each buyer's registered email on the next business day following the close of the auction.

If, within 48 hours after the conclusion of the auction, you have not received the invoice via email, please contact us at quarterpriceauction@gmail.com for further assistance.

Bidder’s Payment All bidders are required to register at www.quarterpriceauction.com, providing a valid payment method, prior to placing any bids.

All invoices must be paid prior to pick up. Invoices will be automatically charged the next business day after the auction.

If your payment didn't go through, please settle your invoice from the "My Account" tab using a valid Credit/Debit card or PayPal.

Failure to maintain a valid payment method or settle unpaid invoices will lead to account suspension.